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This group is intended to be a discussion area for issues that arise in the evaluation of masters and would-be masters, those who are in the business -- commercial or otherwise -- of improving our lives, especially, but not limited to, the spiritual aspect. We take it as a given that this aspect is intangible, amorphous and inexpressible, which needn't stop our attempts to feel and express our experience of it or of the teachers who purport to help us on our journey into the vastness of this realm.
As our views are of necessity subjective, there are bound to be differences, especially as related to the teachers with whom we may identify. This group seeks not to erase these differences but just look at them and hear them.
In the course of discussion, one person's greatest master of all time will turn out to be another's abusive charlatan. So be it.
Again, welcome. 

Sw. Sir Scissors Switchers, Stalin of Sannyas Gulag

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