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Satsang with Cyrus
on: Nov 20th, 2004, 10:19pm

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I went to see acquaintance Swami Tapesh from  the old Medina commune, now  a teacher in Berlin called Cyrus last weekend, who was giving a few satsangs in the UK.  Having been a DJ for 15 years in the Far Out Disco in West Berlin he had everything material, but it was hollow and he gave it up a few years ago.  
  Life and Energy were there in the satsang.  Also he was sometimes encounterish which was refreshing after all the crap advaita stuff of the last twelve years.
His emphasis on the sangha I also found an important reminder. He has the guts to set  one up in Berlin and some of his members were there and impressed me with their energy. Okay so the old sannyas communes, especially the organised ones were full of abuses, but after all that was some twenty or more years ago. Surely it is time to give it another try. I always felt that growth is speeded up in a sangha compared to the anchorite lives some of us now live.
Another thing it often seems to me that (not only with people visiting this chatbaord)  but everywhere, there seems to be some kind of universal scepticism over "ANY" new teacher, as if people have been burned too much.   This is as unwise as "rushing" into the arms of anyone offering some kind of devotional path. There are authentic teachers, and more often than not they are not recognized in their own lifetimes.  
          Love, Parmartha