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by Sw. Ramarshi

American Woman (*)) wrote:

Yes. Hypnosis is WORKING with the mind, but I EMPHATICALLY state it is not the concept of MIND that Osho is referring to--THAT is another MIND entirely and most of us know that.     (* NAME: ) 

Hello American Woman,

you have explained beautifully what you experienced through your hypnoses work. But your healing with techniques of hypnosis is not transformation. It seems you have used the tool hypnosis as a healing tool and i must tell you that i have not done it so extensively like you. I am aware of the natural healing power hypnosis can release and reading your stamentents about your work makes me feel like exchanging sessions with you.

My way to use the tool Hypnosis is letting myself travel to the borderline to meditation to reach from there into the world of transformation. In a trance state you can come close to your center, like in meditation. This is how i used the technique of hypnosis the most, going into a trance was my way to come close to my center to be in a witnessing consciousness. So i used the technique to give my buddha consciousness the possibility to be with me every day. Just like i learned it in the discourses with our beloved master.

Yes, healing others and yourself is beautiful, but your health of the mind or the body, or your being sick of the mind and the body is only of the mind or body. The mind has different layers and we have different bodies, like the physical, the emotional, the astral, the mental body and each body has its own mind functioning. This mind functioning, each connected with a certain body, have different layers. The layers are cosmic unconsciousness, collective unconsciousness, personal unconsciousness, personal super-consciousness, collective super-consciousness and cosmic super-consciousness. So, going into it and healing your wounds and sorting out your shortcomings is a beautiful work and hypnosis is a very good tool for it. Osho spoke in Uruguay a lot about hypnosis and he wanted that every sannyasin goes through this healing process and i did so a little in Pune. My work now is not with the mind, yet it is done in a very light trance, because the subconscious mind in the altered state of hypnosis has an innocent openness and is not interfering with the consciousness of the soul and the love of the heart to be present. I do not use any hypnosis technique to go into a light trance in the constellation -- my mind falls simply into it, because i have gone many times into trance. In that way i go into the consciousness my master raised while i was in discourse. From this point on it is just up to my sensitivity and my spontaneity. The only concern is to bring everything into a synthesis, so that the new order of the soul and heart, fitting like a puzzle in a deep harmony together, can be acceptable for all participating parts of an individuality or of an collective issue. What gets raised into an alternative state in these constellations is not the mind like in your work, it is the heart in love and the soul in freedom who gets raised. And so, everybody can crystallize a synthesis in deep love to the whole in him. When these spiritual qualities are flowing into his own life he is transforming himself. The family tree is a perfect set-up, because it can contains your whole past conditioning. The child incarnates in exactly the issues his consciousness has to grow in. Transformation is not healing, it is a rebellion. The constellation work is something like a conference room, with at least 15 parts of you, finding a synthesis to make your energy available for your self transformation. This conference room is not only a picture, it is a three dimensional field and you can walk through the whole set, just staying with your energy into your sensitivity and your spontaneity. So, the work what we are doing is not mind work and i do not work directly with the the mind of people. In the constellations we act out the heart in true love, or the soul in freedom and let the mind face these new qualities. Each time we bring the reality of love and consciousness in front of the programmed mind, the unconscious individual past, or the collective past simply drops old programming we normaly hold on to in deep loyalty to your family, our nations and our organized religions. The energy that gets consumed in this holding on to gets free for your heart and soul to transform your life and to bring love and freedom into this world. This is the freedom Osho wanted us to live, the freedom to raise our love and our consciousness against your whole past. Freedom is not made in the US, nor american-made like you define in your mails and freedom is certainly beyond mind and body and beyond healing and sickness of the mind and the body. Freedom is -- the highest quality of your soul. This freedom only is when your soul's consciousness can have a touch with the whole like most of us experienced when meeting our beloved master.

A mind and his concepts of a new world order, like your american leaders propagate, nor your work of healing can not bring freedom at all. It can make more sick or less sick deals. But a mind can not be free of greed and fear.

A heart in love and a soul in freedom is beyond greed and fear. And all your american understanding about freedom is of the mind and brings you more slavery in the name of national security. This is the average american understanding about freedom and its price to be paid. But to live your mind dreams, means to live your greed and fear only. Every fascist leader is a mind dreamer and the american government of today are modern fascists. The dream of the fascist mind is never spiritual, brings never freedom.

Yes, the hypnosis work you do can make mind dreams be less sick than other mind dreams, more fun to be in and it brings more possibility to fulfill your desires, but as far as love and freedom is concerned, you do miss. A modern american life is away from a life of meditation as all your lifes in your past have been, or in fact it is even farther away. To be an expert to make your desire come true does not mean you are a conscious person. This is the basic misunderstanding in the collective mind of the christian conditioned mental body of the modern man, the ango american ego structure.

I watched a tv report. Some kurdish soldiers did fight together with american soldiers in the north of iraq. While coming under fire, the kurds stopped advancing forward and simply sat down, staying aware, so that they keep themselves out of the way of harms, focusing on staying relaxed during the shooting, while the american soldiers went almost instant into a panic, playing out survival tactics like changing positions every other minute. They shouted around and basically behaved very fearful. Somehow the soldiers behaved like a wolfs pack suddenly noticing a bear nearby. The leader ordered the others around, to go to this side and to that side and everybody making lots of notices during the maneuver. The kurds had to start laughing about the americans, like grandparents smile when they see the grandchildren going to exited because of greed or fear. Compared to the american soldiers, the Kurds looked almost meditative. And these soldiers are believing they are fighting for freedom and are more stuck in the mind and all his techniques to advance and survive. This is the western approach to spiritual evolution of man and it has failed to bring the new man's future, because the mind and body is in his healthy state just like an animal. Nature does not go beyond this point automatically. This evolution beyond being simply a healthy animal, a normal human being, can only come through your heart and your soul raised consciousness, never through your body and mind. It can not bring you beyond the old man and his world. Have you ever heard of machines revolting, not to mention rebellion of the heart in love. A healthy body and mind is something beautiful and i loved your experience with hypnosis, but however you fix your mind and body, beloved American Woman, this will not bring transformation to you.

I feel to say to Anupamo to BEWARE of this as she has already had  some experience with a person not too on the ball, so to speak--which  is merely pointing out she may be a little vulnerable in this area.

She is vulnerable in this area when she is following her mind and body interests, just like you and your whole nation is going with a few persons, not too on the ball, as far as the new man, the vision of our beloved master is concerned.

I welcome other sannyasins comments because over the years I see that  the MIND is often confused with intelligence, reasoning, logic and  understanding.

Mind has a good working or bad working bio memory unit. The heart in love is intelligent and the soul tastes what freedom is in its rebellion.

 In this case, the subconscious, which is always trying to help out! It just doesn't reason very well!

You are speaking now about the mind of the physical and emotional body personal layer. But what about all the others?

 I felt like I had to say something, because these statements by  Ramarshi are so blantantly misleading and wrong and just full of  ignorance.

Misleading why, because i tell you that we experienced in our constellations the new world order of Rumseld, Cheney, Perle and Wolfowitz as fascistic mind dreams, only dominated by greed and fear. And that its functioning is against the new mans love and freedom.

Misleading because we point to the fact that the anglo american way of  life is now propagated by Amrito and Jayesh in the place where the buddhafield of our beloved master is and thus have replaced Osho`s vision of the new man with the dream of the modern man.

Misleading, because we point out that this american world order dream will end in a nuclear solution and that its dreamers are out of touch with the reality of the average human being, as far as the ripeness to transform is concerned?

Misleading, because we see in our work that the new man is already strong an that he is not american?

Misleading because we see the blind believers as the most dangerous people on earth, as far as staying on this planet earth is concerned.

Beloved US American Woman, you can be intimate with whom your mind and feelings  want to be, this is your american freedom to fuck around. But when you blankly announce that our sharing are blatantly misleading and wrong and just full of ignorance, i would like you to understand, that this blank cheques are not of any help to us. Please go into it point by point and let us know what you understand as ignorance, misleading and wrong. We see you, the average US patriotic believer in a nation under god and your US leaders, in exactly that light! So, going into the details again will be maybe the right thing to do. We gave you a detailed account you have to settle with your leaders, as far as your unconsciousness anglo american ego is concerned. The killing of our beloved master, the fascistic life style of the ranch in oregon, the dismantling of Osho`s energy field in pune and the political fights against many lovers of Osho who are banned now from growing together in our beloved masters buddhafield are only some factors of it. All this helps Wolfowitz and friends to establish a new word order without any love and freedom for the individual. Osho wanted his message of love and freedom spread like a wild fire over the whole world as soon as possible to simply make this an impossibility, because he has seen your leaders making preparation for a global suicide out of fear and greed. Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle and Cheney have started making this dream come true already in 1975 at the white house with president Ford, while our beloved master invited all kinds of folks of the old mans world to come to him in pune and to transform themselves into the new man. Darkness and light always does go hand in hand. The invitation is your self transformation and how can this be blantantly misleading and wrong and just full of ignorance?

fun invitation