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Now here is a difficult part:

All our training has to do with change. You pray for change, you go to groups for change. You become a disciple and follow a guru for change. It's all about change, it's all about being better. It's all about not being worth,  it's all about not being who you are, 

Now this is, where i usually loose you. So stanly hold to your seats.  Listen to what I'm saying! 'Cos this could change your life! Just this! You may need never to come back to another talk again.

Listen: you can not change yourself. It's impossible.

Because the very part of you that's wants to change,  is the part that's sick: Thats you neurosis.

It's only the EGO, that doesn't want an EGO. It's only your mind, that wants to go beyond mind. You can't do anything.

And your whole difficulty, why you not at your maximum potential, why your not diving yourself in beauty and glory and light, is because, you won't be, who you are. You want be different. 

Now, some people want to be different by having a Million Dollars, and some people want to be different by being enlightened or ascendent. It is the same thing: it is greed!

Material greed, spiritual greed. It's the same thing. You will not accept yourself as you are!

This could change your life, just this, you'll never come back to another talk again.

You can not change yourself, it's impossible.  You can't do anything. Some people want to be different. It is the same thing: it is greed. Material greed, spiritual greed, it is greed. You want not accept yourself as you are.

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