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Tue Jun 17, 2003  11:15 am

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Date:  Tue Jun 17, 2003  11:15 am
Subject:  Two word-works to watch

Dear G,
** will you allow the member of your groups to get these links?


G: No i don't post *ANY* political propaganda or agendas for or against... no matter how skillfully woven into a fabric of questioning mind ...... 

** Would you like to comment these letters?



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G: that i will do briefly.... in Kundalini All of the layers of consciousness are unlocked to be processed.... In Self Enquiry the root is looked at and questioned until dug out...... it is not like hypnosis or working to heal the inner child .... Kundalini brings forward all the fears and illusions of truth to be seen for what they are .... questioned....  walked through and disbanded seeing them for what they always were.... simply mental creations that have been held until they became a solid conditioned state accepted as fact...... Kundalini is a process and energy that arises that unlocks all of the unquestioned and held illusions .... Self Enquiry is the way to go to the heart of it all and cut the roots so that only Freedom remains.....  Noby your type of in your face sarcasm doesn't belong on this line.... There are many lines that cater to this type of thing... but here No... there is a time and place for all things but this is a line of Heart Awareness and of Questioning the illusionary self Identity..... this is not a place to mock others or voicing worldly concepts, concerns, or condemnations or judging societal conditionings..... you may stay in the mind questioning it endlessly.... may rant against social happenings or personages.... but it does precious little to break through the facades of your own ego stuff and bondage ..... better one reaches others through the avenue of Self Realization and the Heart.... rather than continuing to propagate what is *wrong* with the world as that litany has been chanted since ages past by those that don't actually move anything forward, but who's claim to fame is simply to sit and grouse about the ongoing conditions....  First find your own Liberation and then extend the ways and means for others to enter into Liberation thereby effecting a cure rather than simply continuing to stir the soup of contention......

you are always welcome .....