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Devi high on morality


Bhagwan Osho Shree Rajneesh in Poona Cashram:

and in Cyber-Space

by Sw. Mitra

and by Sw. Deva Sarlo

in this Sarlo-Group too:

this group as well:

by the foundour

Sw. Hariprem

Other lineage (maybe Ramana)

Gene Poole, Judy Rhodes, ... and Jerry Katz in their group

with the New Nondual Cult

and Judy Rhodes group too:

the Indian Harsha belongs to this Coterie too:

and his holy gathering:

minor players in the Guru-Market:

Ganga with her groups:


The funny two Jeffs, No.1, the Enlighened ONE:

Jeff Belyea from his group:

and No.2: Jeff, the Buddha Broker

from his different groups:


very active Michael Martin, The Western Sat Guru

from his groups:

of this lineage:

with the active group - (still open):

Others in the enlightenment elevating entertainment spiritual achievment market 
don't give free access or set the group-rules to



Rabbi Yossi Markel

or ''a_kumar_8824''

Or Alton from Hawai

group-, site-logo, service from his German site


Series will be continued, keep connected please